Celebrating Ashley style!


We celebrated my sister Ashley’s big 3-0 with a surprise party.  Her fabulous friends Brad, Brandon and Jonathan helped throw a fun surprise.  She thought she was just coming over the their house to see the Alabama game, but instead . . . an Ashley celebration!

the birthday girl and me!

I made her favorite – caramel cake cupcakes – and a new one: Guinness cupcakes. Very yummy!

So, when my sister cries she tends to get a little vulgar. She does not like to cry. But, she sure enough DID cry at all her gifts . . . hahahaha!

Ashley had “30 gifts for 30 years” from people around the country. This was one of the most hilarious gifts, from my brother Bryan in NYC. He went to the Broadway Yard Sale and got a bunch of old headshots. But that’s not the funny part. The funny part is that he “autographed” each of them with very “Bryan” sayings. He is hilarious!

We had a great time with the birthday girl.  And her “nanny kids” surprised her too – they left this surprise in her yard! So cute!



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