Girls Weekend


Mom came down for the weekend to celebrate the 30 year old! We had a great time – shopping, talking, laughing, arguing, painting, traveling, shopping and being together. We went to Chattanooga for a quick day trip. Such a fun city!

This picture is hilarious to me . . .


Me smiling, Mom trying to smile . . . Ashley not at all amused by getting up early on a Saturday to go on a road trip.

We stopped at a Winery on the drive over to TN. It was nice, and it was a beautiful day.  But, as Ashley and I are getting out of the car, we look and see Mom snacking on grapes from around the door of the winery.  Oh my. Too funny.

Of course, one of our stops on the road trips was Chattanooga Cupcakes – so yummy.  We tried key lime, strawberry, and chocolate ganache cupcakes. Oh. My. Goodness.

Ashley and I did the tourist thing and rode the “Duck” tour.  It’s an old WW2 vehicle that’s a truck, and then it goes into the water.  This smile here was taken after we were already in the water. Moments before, however, I had a mini-panic moment.  The tour guide described our descent into the river by asking the kids if they want to “let the brakes go, and go really fast!” And then he said “when we hit the water, it will feel like we hit a telephone pole, so everyone bend forward and brace yourselves.” Um, no one told this pregnant lady that was part of the deal.  I was panicked! But it really wasn’t that bad at all. I was sure enough ready to jump ship, though, if he had given me two seconds to get out!

It was a beautiful tour.  Very fun.

We had a great weekend.  Tons of eating, lunching, shopping and catching up.

The Robinson women!!

So, after a road trip, we came back home and, of course, ended up at the craft store. If you know my Mom at all, you know she is super artsy and crafty. There’s pretty much nothing she can’t make or “create.”  If you know my sister, you know she is equally crafty, she just prefers to steer clear of any pattern. And, there have been many a craft project, beaded necklace, scarf, etc. left in the “development stage” as Ashley finds other things to occupy her attention. Me? Not an artsy bone in my body. Love art. Love crafts. Love beautiful, homemade things. Just really terrible about creating them.

So, when Ashley announced that we would be purchasing art canvases “so we can all paint a painting” I was a little nervous.  It was one of those kits like the ones used at the “paint it with your friends” kind of places. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those places, so I thought, how fun would it be to just do this in our living room with Mom and the sis?

See? Theirs looks like an actual painting. Mine, not so much. My painting looked like someone had given a kindergartener a paint brush and said, “Go for it.”

You can see here that Ash is beginning to get distressed. A little too much pattern.

So, Ashley scrapes off all of her original painting, said it’s too much “following the tracing” and began squirting random paints.  And it STILL looks good. It looks like art.

Alas, in the end, Mom fixed my painting. I came home from work to find that she had painted this flower, from something she saw on the cover of a Real Simple magazine. How did she do it? She’s just Robin. That’s what Robin does. She makes any beautiful thing out of a complete mess.

Hers  . . .

So much fun! We had a great weekend.


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