It’s Duke Blue!


We got our Christmas gift today . . . we found out the sex of our baby. And . . .

It’s a BOY!!

We’ve been so excited about this day. I woke up this morning super early and felt like I did as kid on Christmas morning. When we got to the scan, Jake saw our boy on the screen before the technician saw it. He is DEFINITELY a boy! We are thrilled.

Everything looks great with our baby boy. The doctor is pleased with the baby and with me; everything looks healthy and good.

Then, we had a little fun with our parents. I heard of a couple of friends who had a party to reveal the baby’s sex. They cut into a cake, that was either blue or pink inside.  I really wanted to do this, but with the Christmas timing and distance of our families (North Carolina and Georgia) I knew it’d be hard to get everyone together for the big reveal. And, I knew our mothers wouldn’t be happy to wait until Christmas to find out.  We came up with an idea for the next best thing.

We called a bakery in Columbus and in NC. The bakeries were all set up to prepare cupcakes for each family. They just had to wait until our call this morning to find out whether to make the cupcakes blue or pink!  It was fun to have to explain this to the bakeries.   So, when we found out that it’s a boy, our first call was to each bakery.

Brenda’s cupcakes were delivered right on time. She was thrilled to have a dozen blue cupcakes delivered to the hospital where she works. For my parents, they had a little mission. (No one delivers in Pittsboro!) I called Dad and told him to check his phone. I had just texted him an address of the bakery. Without any clues of where he was going or what he would receive, I told Dad that a Christmas present was waiting on him – he just had to follow the address and arrive there on time.  When he kept asking me more questions, I said, “Daddy, like the Wise Men of old, you just need to get on the road and go.”

After a while, Dad found the place and took the surprise home to Mom. (He was very good and didn’t peek) They were so excited to see their blue cupcakes!

The bakery did a great job and added to our excitement today. Jake has told everyone that the baby’s room will have some Duke blue!  We don’t have a definite name picked out yet, but we are so excited about our boy!



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