Showered with love!



This keeping up with the blog thing is harder than it may seem.  We’ve been so busy getting ready for baby boy, it’s been hard to find time to sit down and write.  But now we are just a few short weeks away from his arrival. So exciting!

We’ve had some wonderful friends and church family help us welcome Logan into the world.  In case we didn’t share in some official way, that is his name: Logan Jacob Hall.  Logan is a name we both liked, and Jacob is for both Jake and his grandfather Jacob Spivey.  We think it will suit him well.

Our wonderful church gave us a fantastic baby shower in March.

It was just wonderful.  There was a huge display with his name, and baby boy gifts as centerpieces of each table.

Jake trying to figure out exactly what all these little baby gadgets are used for.

We were given so many wonderful gifts.  Two very special ones were from our mothers, who both came to the shower.  Brenda, Jake’s Mom gave us a little T-shirt that had been Jake’s that said “Big Jake.” Precious! Robin, Erin’s Mom, gave us a special quilt she made and embroidered. You can see it has lots of little boy things all over it.  Just beautiful.

The two preggos. My sweet friend Jennifer is due just a few weeks after me.  We are both excited about our baby boys on the way.

A very sweet gift was this painting of Logan’s name.

Our church family has journeyed with us as we’ve prepared to meet our baby boy.  Some of the cards, thoughts and prayers shared that day touched our hearts deeply. It was a very special day.

We had a good weekend with the Moms in town.  They are both beside themselves excited about welcoming this grandson.

They were pretty goofy. Here they are both talking to Logan at the same time.

A belly shot.

And proof that Jake cannot smile normally in a picture.

My Woodstock High School friends also threw us a fabulous baby shower.  We went to our favorite – Izumi! It was a great time with all my special ed. teacher friends.  Note the adorable cupcakes, decorated by two of the best parapros around, and my students.

So many great friends and gifts!

One of my favorites was this wall hanging from Kelley.  I loved seeing something I had pinned on Pinterest come to life.

We’ve been so loved by family and friends!  Logan is lavished with love before he has even arrived.



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