Fun with the girls


With the other fabulous baby showers, you’d think I was spoiled enough.  Not so.  My sister Ashley, and friends Lauren and Kim threw me a “Mommy” shower.  The idea was to have fun and have gifts that would spoil me before the baby comes or “make life easier as a new mommy.”  Really, just an excuse to get together and have fun.

Ashley had so many cute games – you know I LOVE the cheesy games. We met at Earth, Paint and Fire, one of those paint your own pottery places. As one of my friends said, “My face hurt from laughing by the time I left.”  We laughed and ate and painted together. Ashley had a large platter with a saying about wildflowers that everybody got to paint one flower on. So special.

The first game was that we each had to get our “celebrity baby names.”  You know, like Beyonce’s daughter named Blue.  I had the honor of drawing the names out of an envelope. My friends ended up with name tags that said “Aubergine Triscuit”  and “Pepper” and “Saltine Seven.”  I think we could give celebrities some ideas.

As you can see, Logan is the only one who got a real name tag.

Ashley had everyone “decorate the diapers” next.  They took a pack of diapers and wrote funny messages on the bum.  These are supposed to be things that will make us laugh when we are awake for the 3 am diaper change. I followed the rules and haven’t peeked yet, because I think it will be fun to have  a laugh during a diaper change.

Then, Ashley decided it was time to cry.  Everyone had to fill out a “wish for baby” and we read them.  Oh my. So sweet.

It was alot of fun to just be spoiled and laugh with people I love.

Such a fun day!



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