It’s almost time . . .


I remember saying, over the past few months, that we have a baby due in May. And now it is May!  We are getting really excited – and READY – as we get close to the due date this week. I can’t believe that Mother’s Day weekend is almost here. (Actual due date is this Saturday, May 12).  I am definitely ready for him to be here! We were really hoping the Super Moon on Saturday would get things going, but nope. Nothing.

So, we were in church yesterday. It was a great day, but we’re having to laugh at all the comments from our friends and church family about their “tips” or predictions about when Logan will arrive.  One of the funny ones was this gift:

What in the world is this, you ask?  One of our church members handed this gift to Jake. He’s a paramedic, and gave us an emergency  obstetric kit, in case I didn’t make it through the worship service yesterday.  Do I really look that pregnant? I do still have a sense of humor, though, and this cracked me up.

One little member of our household is not too sure about all the ‘nesting’ that has been going on.  I think Annabelle will do great when Logan arrives, but for now she is being very clingy.  Here she is, and this was during last night’s storm, which didn’t help.

I think this little dog knows something is up, as she won’t leave my side lately.

I’ve been thinking about this gift from Brenda. I love this, and how it reminds me of the benediction we say at our church most Sundays.

So, now we wait.  Keep the prayers coming as we prepare for his arrival in the next few days (weeks?) We are so excited to meet our sweet boy!


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  1. Erin and Jake….so excited for you two! The nursery is beautiful and I got super excited when I saw a post..and then was disappointed when it wasn’t a “baby is here post!!” Oh well…it shall be soon!

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