He’s here!


My Mother’s Day due date came and went.  We were really hoping he would arrive right on that weekend, to make a fun story. But, nope.  We did have a nice Mother’s Day dinner at Scalini’s, trying out the eggplant parmesean myth.  Lovely dinner. No baby. I did get a rose for Mother’s Day, though.

But, now our little man has arrived.  We had quite a journey to welcome Logan Jacob Hall into the world, and we are glad he’s finally here.

We went in to the hospital for induction on Wednesday evening.  I thought I had an idea of how this would go, so we gave the parents an idea of when to arrive at the hospital, etc. We were ready.  One of my favorite things I had packed was the “birthing playlist” made by my brother Bryan. Since, he couldn’t be here because he is in NYC, he collected a hilarious and perfect mix of music – some of my favorites, some that were just funny. The other favorite thing is that Ashley recorded the show in the waiting room. Can’t wait to post those videos – hilarious! If you know our families, you know they don’t often meet a stranger.  These mamas spent the time “visiting” with every other family in the waiting room.

But, as it turned out, we had to move to plan B. After 23 hours of contractions and not enough “progression,” our doctor advised, and we agreed, that  a C section was going to be the way to go.  We had just enough time to tell the family waiting in the waiting room that we were heading in for a C section before we were whisked away to meet Logan.

Some first moments with Daddy . . .

Our little man weighed 9 lbs. and 4 ounces, perfect in every way. Even down to the little “Hall” feet . . . Jake loves that he got those funny toes.

And then he got to meet the family.  Brenda, Aunt Jean, Robin, Dan, Ashley, Gregg, and Valerie were all waiting to see his sweet face.

Ashley greeted him by saying, “We’re gonna have a blast, Logan.”  I know that’s true.

“Big Mama” is thrilled to meet him. There is no prouder grandmother on this planet.

Cousin Gregg was so excited to meet “little 3G.”

And, Dad got to hold his “birthday present” . . . these two guys will share the May birthday party.  Logan’s birthday is May 17 and Dad’s is May 19.

We stayed in the hospital for a few days, recovering and learning all about each other. Logan learned about us as new parents, and we learned a few of his tricks those first few days.

This face melts our hearts.

So, we came home on Sunday, ready to be in our own space.

Now we are home, and so thrilled to be a family of three.


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