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“Are you sure I’m related to these people?”


At a baby shower, a dear friend gave us a baby bib that said, “Are you sure I’m related to these people?”  We laughed because, at the exact moment we opened that gift, we looked to see both our mothers having a ridiculous conversation about how to use the digital camera. As they kept accidentally snapping photos of their own faces. You gotta love them.

Yes, Logan dear, these are your relatives.  They love you as much as any child has ever been loved in this whole world. They love you to the moon and back. And they are nuts. And we adore them.

Some of these relatives came to visit this weekend. “Big Mama” Brenda (that “grandma” name has a long history with Jake and was chosen a long time ago), Aunt Jean, Jake’s sister Penny and her daughter Alannah came for a short visit. Cousin Gregg came up from Atlanta, too, and it was good times.

They all got to love on Logan.  And, then at one point we were all so giddy we became very amused with our thumbs. Not sure about that one . . .

But we laughed for quite a while.

Cousin Alannah was a very good helper with Logan.

Aunt Penny and Logan had fun together.

We tried to figure out who you look like. A little of Jake, a little of Erin . . .

Of course, Big Mama joined Logan in taking a nap. Both of them snuggled in their blankets.

Logan wearing that bib with all the “relatives.”  To answer the question on your bib, Logan . . . yes.  Little bits of all these crazy people, and many more, are part of you. And we love that.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, there are some grandparent folk who have learned to Skype.  Videos of that hilariousness coming soon.

You are loved, little one.


Three weeks


Three weeks of Logan! It seems like he’s been here forever.  Here’s a few of our favorite things  . . .

We love to talk with Mommy.


We love to make silly faces when we are awake – which is not often. We LOVE to sleep.

We like our stroller! We ventured out to our first walk in the stroller and we like our neighborhood walk.

We like our naps. Sometimes our naps include a snuggle from Annabelle dog, too. She’s adjusting well, but still feels the need to snuggle up sometimes.

We love to talk with Daddy – he’s so wise and tells the best stories. And we really love to stare at the fun patterns on the quilt behind Daddy’s head.

The many faces of Logan.  We captured a few of the funny faces this little guy can make.


Insert your own funny caption here.

Check out the face he’s giving Dad.  Not at all amused by whatever Jake is saying.

These little eyes don’t miss a thing. Very alert when he’s awake.