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Dear friends


Our wonderful friends, the Kings, are moving. We are so excited about David’s new position and all that awaits them in Memphis. But we are very sad not to have our buddies in town anymore.  We have laughed and shared and prayed and spent many great moments with our Kings. Now, it will mean a fantastic road trip to see them. That will be fun, too – we’ve had great road trips with the Kings before, like our beach trip last year below.

So we had a last get together . . . this time with all our babies. What a difference a year makes.

These are some of my favorite girls in the whole world. They were so sweet to Logan. Love them so!

And, here we are together.  Lauren, Audrey, Kathryn, Logan and me. What cracks me up is how goofy a picture this is. Everyone looking a different direction. I love it!

We love our Kings and will miss them so much!


Two Months of Logan!



A bouncy 2 month old boy!  He is growing strong and happy, a bog 12 lbs, 4 ounces last time we checked.

We’ve been busy this last month! 

Along with meeting new friends and helping Mommy at church, Logan took a road trip to see Mimi and Grumpy.  Jake performed the wedding of one of his former youth.  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and in NC, so we made a family trip of it.


Logan LOVED being spoiled rotten by his these folks!


Logan loved the wedding and seeing all of our friends from Mt. Gilead days.  He was a perfect angel during the ceremony and reception, and even loved the band’s music.




We are loving play time, and spend much more time awake and alert now. Logan loves to kick and play in his bouncy seat and on his play mat.  He is reaching for toys, like his stripey bug toy. It’s amazing to see him grow and change, and see each day how he is learning more how to use his hands or how he is seeing the world.


He loves to sing and read books, and right now he favorite is “Brown Bear, What Do You See?”  He gets super excited and kicks when he sees the colors in that book.


We had a stowaway on the way back from NC – Mom came for a visit and rode back with us.  She is loving spoiling her grandboy. They sing and talk each day and have “Mimi time.”


Our sweet smiling boy is more fun every day!




I’d heard that your baby’s smile will melt your heart, but I had no idea how true that would be. At 8weeks old, Logan is smiling pretty often. I think he knows how to work that smile, too. Our pictures from Samantha Abernathy Photography (below) turned out pretty great. We were very happy with her work.

I have new reasons to smile, as we’ve made a decision lately. I’ve decided to resign my full time job as a special ed. teacher and be at home with Logan.  I will still be working with Heritage Baptist, and am very excited about some of the ministries going on there.  But, I will not be returning to Woodstock High this year.

It was a decision we’ve been working through for a while.  It will be hard for us, and will mean learning ways to squeeze a budget. And I will miss my students very much. I know that working with students with special needs has forever changed the way I see the world.  I love this post from Momastery and the story about Lucy.  So true to what I experienced with many of the students.

But, we know it’s the right decision for us at this time. We’re not doing this for any pious reasons, or any notion of a woman being in the home with the children. Our marriage has always been a partnership and we’ve shared – and still share – the house ‘stuff’ pretty well. And I certainly don’t judge my mom friends who continue to work both as a mom and in the workplace. Jake and I were both wonderfully raised by great moms who worked their tails off both in the home and in the workplace. But, for us, we decided it’s time to move on to something different.  I will always have a heart for special ed students and families. I have to wonder what doors will open up for me in ministry because of my experience with special ed families. Hmm. You never know how God works in those things.

One thing I’m excited about is being able to see the little moments. And I’m excited about my time ahead. What I mean is, I have no illusions that being at home with Logan will be easy or that I’ll have loads of time on my hands.  That’s already proven to be a crazy idea. But I am excited about being able to use my time differently.  To mark hours and minutes in a different way than I have always done working full time at a job, usually a few jobs. I’ve always been a multi-tasker.  I’ve always enjoyed being busy, having lists, the whole bit.  But this new phase of life for me will have mean a new way of learning to multi-task and still be fully present. I don’t want to miss anything. No doubt, my new full time job has many demands.  But I’m excited about seeing how these days in ministry and mommyhood play out.

Speaking of time, little man has already shown us that just when we think we have his schedule figured out, he switches things up on us.

Some days he likes to take a LONG nap . . .

Sometimes we don’t sleep much at all that day.  He’s been known to help Jake with his work.

When Logan wouldn’t settle down for anything Mommy tried, we discovered that reading texts on Worship will calm him right down, and help Jake finish his work. Two birds, one stone, happy baby. Works for me.

He likes tummy time – for a short time. He’s seems to be getting more and more frustrated with it, though. Wonder why?  He sure does look adorable on his quilt from Mimi. He also loves to sit up and see the world.  He happiest when he can look out and around.  Here’s Logan in his early morning pose.  He loves to wake up early and have coffee with Dad.

6 weeks old


What a growing boy this little man is!

He’s doing more tummy time and we think he is pretty close to turning over soon.

He loves to say “Oh” and smile at Mommy and Daddy. And his favorite song is “this little light of mine.” We sing it with soul.

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord.” Logan ventured out to church, sitting on the back row with Mommy, lest he feel the need to make a joyful noise. He did great – slept right through Daddy’s sermon.

He did have this face when we were getting ready for church. Not too sure about this . . . typical PK.

We had his ‘fancy photos’ done recently and here’s a sneak peak. More to come soon . . .





Road Trip


I’m a month old!

Sometimes, you just have to cry. He just wasn’t feeling this posed one month picture.  Oh, well. We’ll try again at 2 months.

Logan has been a busy guy, to be only a few weeks old. We took our great tour of the South a couple of weeks ago.  We went to a friend’s beach wedding and then rounded out the trip home with a stop in Opelika and Columbus to see family.

When we set out on this world tour, we knew it would be tricky to travel with a breastfeeding 1 month old.  He doesn’t exactly understand the concept of grabbing a pack of crackers at the gas station to make good time.  But we had promised our dear friends the Harrisons, when they asked us over a year ago, to be present at their vow renewal ceremony. Jake was doing the ceremony and it was a huge privelege to be a part of this celebration. So we went. I tried out the new ‘Moby’ baby carrier to be ready to take on the journey. He loves it, when I can tie it right.

We soon found out that traveling with a tiny little one is not for the faint of heart. After we packed up pretty much the whole house to carry with us,  and stopped every few hours, we made it to Orange Beach.  The celebration was a 25th anniversary party for our friends David and Susan Padgett-Harrison. They renewed their vows on the beach with a huge gathering of family.

This was my view from the deck.  Logan and I stayed up on deck for most of the party, as it was super windy and he had quite a bit to say about it (pretty fussy). I think we had the best seat, though. I got to sit alone with my sweet one feeling the amazing breeze and having a moment of peace. I began to think through the past year, for this family and my own. When David and Susan asked us to go on this trip over a year ago, we had no idea we would be bringing along a newborn. In fact, that seemed pretty far out of reach for us. And, looking out over this family, I remembered all they have been through this year: cancer, family struggles, caring for elderly loved ones, and a recent funeral. I have friends who talk about a ‘life verse.’ I’m not sure I could pin down one verse, but one line that has been on my heart for quite some time came to mind as I looked out over the beach that night: “For the wonders that astound us, for the truths that still confound us, most of all that love has found us, thanks be to God.”  So, Logan and I sang that verse with a grateful heart for these wonders all around us.

We had a great time with friends after the vows were said.

There were a million children in this family, many of whom I have taken on one youth trip or another. We love them dearly, and they’re a fun bunch.  Logan got to party and held his own pretty well for a one month old.

We left Orange Beach and headed towards Columbus. On the way, we stopped to see Aunt Jean, Teresa and cousin Austin in Opelika.

Austin was a big hit with Logan. Logan has begun to find his tongue, and Austin was great with making funny faces with him. So fun!

We made it to Columbus to see Big Mama. And then the tour began. There were lots of folks who wanted to meet this little man.  A few . . .

We stopped to see Uncle Glenn.

Special moments in this house, which had been Jake’s grandparents home.  Logan got to see this house which held many childhood memories for Jake. Brenda loved telling us that these sweet grandparents (on the wall) would have loved to Logan for sure.

Then we saw Aunt Miriam and Daphne.  So much love.

We had a great trip getting Logan acquainted with Columbus.