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Three Months Old!



Our baby boy is three months old!  At three months, he is very busy. He can . . .

  • hold his head up
  • giggle (if you’re funny enough, that is)
  • wake up every morning with a smile
  • turn over from tummy to back
  • reach for his blocks and hold them a little
  • put his fist in his mouth (aren’t you proud, Uncle B?)
  • start to put everything in his mouth
  • look around at EVERYTHING – he doesn’t want to miss a thing
  • sleep through the night (Mom feels like she can take on the world again with some good sleep)
  • watches Annabelle dog intently
  • sit in his bumbo seat (safely, with Mom or Dad there)
  • melt our hearts!





Busy Baby Boy


This little man has been busy during month 2! We had a long visit from Mimi, and learned to laugh out loud.

Mimi made him this awesome apple bib.  Other fruits, too.  So fun.

Baby boy has bounced in the bumbo! (We love some alliteration) Logan seems to love his bumbo seat because it helps him sit up. And he wants to sit up all the time.  So much to see. Who wants to lay around? Jake says that’s just a little bit like his mama. Hmm.

The super cute shoes are from Mimi.  He is fascinated with the shoes, decoration on those feet that keep moving.

He also loves to laugh on evening walks!  What a smiling boy!

Logan is loving “reading” books. The bright colors are his favorite. He “talks” while we read, saying “Oh, Oh!”  We’ve also discovered that he is in fact Jake Hall’s child: he LOVES television.  Seriously.  He squeals and has been mesmerized watching the Olympics and loves any show with bright colors.  So funny. He will crane his neck to see something if the TV is on.  So funny to me that we are having to ration his TV viewing at age 2 months.

He LOVES his Daddy.  Here he is with Jake at the church for a quick visit.  We’re figuring out this “clergy couple” thing and have so far gotten into a good routine, making time for us and giving each other time to work, read, write, prep sermons and whatever else needs to happen.  Yay for Team Hall, as we call it.  Jake has switched his “at home” day (We’ve come to think the term “day off” doesn’t work for us – neither truly a day off nor a proper sabbath. Still figuring out how to best do the Sabbath thing) and is now home on Thursdays. Jake loves being with Logan and I love having a set aside time when I can work.

All that to say, Logan is learning to be a happy PK.

On another note, I’ve decided to actually TRY some of the millions of things I have pinned on Pinterest.  Anything that’s quick, cheap and somewhat healthy.  We’ve done chicken enchiladas (which I was pretty proud of, thank you very much) a breakfast casserole for M.O.M.S. group, and this marinated vegetable salad.

Yes, apparently, I am one of those people now who takes pictures of food. But this looked so pretty and healthy. It was yummo and I will try it again.  Anyway, life is fabulous and busy and wonderful right now.