Growing and Learning



Our four month old boy is just a roly poly wonderful guy!  He rolls front to back and back to front now – and this is his favorite activity. And talking up a storm.  He goes to sleep talking and wakes up babbling – I feel like he says, “As I was saying . . .”

We’ve had a busy month of family visits, weddings and fun.  Brenda came to visit for a weekend – so fun! She spoiled Logan and he just laughed and laughed.  Then, Aunt Jean, Teresa, Austin and Erin came for a weekend.  The three of them went to the Auburn game in Atlanta (We had to break the news to Auntie Ashley that Logan is the owner of an Auburn bottle.  She said her mission would now be to make his first words be “Roll Tide!”) While they went to ATL, Aunt Jean stayed with us to love on Logan.  We had a great time.

Mom and Bryan came to visit for a few days. Bryan got to meet Logan for the first time. It was great!


Our boy is loves to laugh and tries to sit up – still working on that one.  At our four month appointment, we were told to go ahead and add some solids to his diet.  Rice cereal and some veggies. That has been hilarious!  Pictures to come.  He has done great with the cereal and even likes green beans.  Such a cutie! We have fun with him every day learning new tricks. 




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