Back to School


So, we have begun a new adventure as a family . . .

I began a Doctorate of Ministry in Education (DEdMin.)  Yes, we are a little crazy.

The program began this past week.  I began this program at Columbia Theological Seminary, here in Atlanta.  There are lots of good things about this program, and I am starting to get a little excited about my project possibilities and just getting back into the groove of study.  Now, we realize (as several folks have stated) that we may be a little nuts to start this with a small baby in our home, but doing crazy things has never stopped us before.

I’ve been in the first seminar this week and have loved my professors and cohort. Such a great group of ministers.  Really wonderful people who inspire me as a minister.  And, I must say, this week has definitely been a team effort with The World’s Best Husband, Jake,  my fabulous sister Ashley and some friends and church members who have shared in keeping Logan.  Ashley has given up her day off to keep little man for these two weeks I am in class.  And Jake – he’s just the best, in every way.

As I’m beginning, I’ve been lost in thoughts about the Church and making disciples and all of those things.  (There’s plenty of time for thought on the long commute) This quote we read from Brueggeman has me thinkin’ . . .

“Every community that wants to last beyond a single generation must concern itself with education. Education has to do with the maintenance of a community through the generations. This maintenance must assure enough continuity of vision, value, and perception so that the community sustains its self-identity.  At the same time, maintenance must assure enough freedom and novelty so that the community can survive in and be pertinent to new circumstances, Thus, education must attend both to processes of continuity and discontinuity in order to avoid fossilizing into irrelevance on the one hand, and relativizing into disappearance on the other hand.”

So true. I’m very interested in what creativity and community can mean for the youth and younger folks  that I see.  I’m very interested in what it can mean for the Church.  I’ll admit I get frustrated sometimes with the ways I see needs for Christian faith formation that means something and I get frustrated with how we are losing some of our youth and our younger generations.  And then there’s this.

“There are no guarantees that your children will follow Christ even if you have a vibrant, purposeful relationship with Him. But, on the other hand, if we, as parents do not do all we can to help our children develop meaningful relationships in Jesus, we miss a major opportunity to lead them and show them the path worth walking.”  ~ Scott Linscott

Yep, the Mom factor is a big one for me right now.  We’re looking ahead to Logan’s baby dedication at the end of the month. Big promises and responsibility. What will it mean for Logan to become a Christ follower?

As much as Mr. Linscott and I might have different takes on some things about Christianity, he makes some good points here.  He calls out the ways we give permission for anything to be more important that helping our children grow as disciples.  I have to say, he’s right.

All that to say, I am starting a new journey with this degree that has me thinking through some of these faith formation things.  So, you’ve been warned.

Truly, though, I am overwhelmed and excited at the same time.  I guess that’s a good way to start a new adventure.


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