Peas and weddings and sunshine



Logan loves reading with his Daddy, no matter what the book is.

We began to try “real” foods. At his last appointment, the doctor felt like it would be the right time to start him on solid foods. We’ve tried rice cereal, green beans, some chicken and peas!   Peas are our favorite.

I’ve tried my hand at making baby food veggies, and found it’s pretty easy.  Just using the hand blender and popping the veggies into ice cube trays.  It works really well.

We also took a fun trip to Dothan, Alabama for our nephew’s wedding.  Logan is a pro at weddings, having been to 3 weddings in four months now.

It was a good trip to see family we don’t often get to see.

Our busy boy loves to roll both ways, and moves around the room by rolling.

We had some good family time when Jake took a vacation week.  People kept asking where we were going on vacation . . . hilarious.  It’s a vacation for us to be at home, to have some Sabbath time, to not pack up a baby or have a schedule of things to go and see.  Who wants to go on a cruise when you can hang out with this little cutie?

And, we went to get apples in Ellijay. Note I did not say “pick” apples.  I’m sure that will be fun when he’s older, but for now we definitely just went, picked up a bag and ate a fried apple pie.  Pretty good fall day.


Props to Auntie Ash for keeping her little “Moosh Face” for a few days while I was in class.


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