Family Visit






We had a great weekend visit with Mimi and Uncle B!  They came for a quick visit before Bryan has to leave for Memphis, for his next “gig” for a few months.

Little man had to get all dressed up when Mimi’s here!

We spent the afternoon at our favorite park by the lake.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, and so much fun, even though you can’t tell from Logan’s face here.

We took a picnic lunch and I tried out a few Pinterest recipes: pumpkin dip and Chess bars.  Delish!

Uncle B and Logan are great buddies!  I have a feeling he will teach Logan way too may things I will not approve of in the years to come.

We tried to have a family picture, since it’s rare that the three of us are all in the photo together. And this is what you get. Wind blowing and us looking a little weird.  We’ll try again sometime.

When Mimi comes to town, she always brings a bag of treats!  This time she brought Logan’s first pumpkin. He loved it!  She also brought some bibs she made – cute little veggies, since he is eating veggies now.




There’s just so much playing to do . . .

And then, finally, we crash from all that playing.


We had such a great visit with Mimi and Uncle B. And we look forward to seeing so much more family in a couple of weeks when they come for his baby dedication.


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