Family Dedication


Last weekend was a special one for us.  Logan was dedicated at Heritage Baptist.

I’m not sure words can express how much this moment meant for our little family.  I’m remembering the sign that hangs in his room that says, “For this child I have prayed.” We prayed for this child, in this church, with this family, for such a long time.  And then we stood with our family and church family and made promises over him.

This is the church where we have served for several years. This is truly a family of faith for us.  This is the sanctuary where Jake and I have both spent time together, just us, in prayer.  This is the place where, a couple of years ago, I met God before dawn on Easter morning and had it out.  We were on our way to the community sunrise service and stopped in the sanctuary at 6:30 am to grab a few things. I had my flower for the flower cross, a pink tulip that had surprised us in the yard, and I placed that first flower on the flower cross that morning.  Then I promptly let my heart break before God. This is that sanctuary for me.

So, standing there with so many I love was a tremendous moment for us.

The service was beautiful.  At our church, a family dedication is part of worship, and happens at the end of the service. The worship service included beautiful, meaningful music.  My sister Ashley sang two of my favorite songs.  And, our friend Andrew, a minister in North Carolina, was our guest preacher and did the dedication.  For a pastor, it was an interesting thing to think about who would actually “do” the dedication. Usually, Jake is the one “doing.” We have many minister friends who could have done this beautifully. But, for us on this day, Andrew was just the one to do it. We were thrilled that he came. 

For the most part, Logan did great!  In our church, the family stands at the front and the pastor takes the baby in his arms and walks the baby through the aisles of the church.  This is symbolic and has always meant alot for me to see other families experience this.

The pastor asks the family and the church for a commitment to nurture faith in this child.  The parents are reminded that “this child is not your own.” As we heard this reminder that Logan was a gift from God and that we would be giving him back to God all of his life, my heart could barely hold it all in.  We promised to nurture his faith, to teach him about God’s love and to say “yes” to God for him until he can “yes” for himself.

We are humbled by these promises.  I’m still processing all that this means for me as a mother, and the commitments I want to live into.

We also had a blast on this weekend because all the family visited.  Dan, Robin, Brenda, Jean, Teresa, Ashley, Penny, Alannah, Uncle Ted, Pat and Ameris, Gregg, and the three of us. That is a fun crowd.  We all hung out at hour house Saturday night and then gathered for lunch after church.  It was easiest to have a family lunch right there at church, so we gathered in the fellowship hall together with Italian food.


It was great to have family there. Logan was entertained by his jumperoo during lunch. But he barely had a chance to get in it for being passed around.



Our beautiful mothers!


This outfit was a special gift. My mother made it for him and embroidered his initials on the front. I just love it!

At the end of the day, it was nap time for a little man.  It’s exhausting being that cute and working a crowd.





We love you, little man.  We promise to love God with our lives and invite you to your own journey of Christian faith. We are committed to walk alongside you on that journey. Soon, you’ll take your first steps, and you’ll keep on walking. We promise to be there with you, pointing the way as best we know how. We trust in grace, mercy and love for the whole journey through.


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