A Weekend Getaway



We had a little trip with our dear friends the Kings.  This was a long planned trip, a chance for rest and renewal and all that good stuff.

I just didn’t anticipate how hard it would be to leave our little man over night.  It was rough.  But, we had my parents in town and Ashley stayed two nights there to keep Logan.  Three adults to one baby.  I thought the adults stood a pretty good chance of doing all right.

So, we went to Nashville for a couple of days. We got a great deal on staying at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. And this was the halfway point between where we live  in Georgia and where our Kings have moved, Memphis. We had a great time.  Sometimes, you just need to hang out with friends who get it. Parenting, family balance, ministry stuff – these friends just get us.

We also did something completely out of the norm: we went to the CMA Award Show.  Yep. If you saw the televised show, you probably noticed that sparkly dot WAY up in the tip top of the auditorim. And the cute but sleepy guy sitting next to her. That was us.  We got the chance to go to the CMA’s and decided why not, when will we ever in a million years do that again?

It was fun getting kind of dressed up and going out. And the people watching was the best part. All manner of people and ALL manner of dress.  Pretty funny.  Of course these two Moms were glad to be without the ponytail and have a little make-up on.

Lauren and I had fun trying to see if we could see any country music stars. We tried to get nearer to the red carpet, which you can see in the background above.  But, for some reason the very sweet police officer wouldn’t let us back there.  So we found the other end of the red carpet.

And . . . that’s about all we saw.  But it was fun.

Our seats were ridiculously high up in the tippy top of the auditorium.  But it was fun.

The next day we enjoyed hanging out, catching up and, of course, eating our way through Nashville.  Fun stop at the Pancake Pantry.

And . . . another high point for Jake was the realization that Nashville has a  . . . wait for it . . . Chuey’s!! He was thrilled to his toes that we could stop at our favorite Mexican place from Dallas and have a plate of the “goo.”

Oh, Chuey’s.  You’ll never know the depth of my hubby’s love for you.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  But I was sure glad to get back to my little man.  And I decided it will be a long time before I leave him overnight again. Love him so!


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