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Our Little Inchworm

We have a crawler!
Logan is our little inchworm these days.  He started crawling last week, after a couple of weeks of getting on all fours and seeing what he thought about it. It’s really more of an “army crawl” kind of thing. He scoots along, getting pretty fast when there is something he wants.  And what he wants is usually his two favorite toys: a metal mixing bowl or Annabelle the dog.
He loves to scoot along after her, trying to grab her tail. And he has discovered the Christmas tree.  He can scoot under there before you can blink.
We got to put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving thanks to the wonderful, the awesome, Ashley. She came to hang with us for Thanksgiving day – and cooked a DELICIOUS meal.  She, the vegetarian, even cooked meat.  It was amazing. Twice baked sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts that were to die for, dressing, cranberry sauce, cranberry and goat cheese chicken. It was a little different menu, but amazingly delicious.
And the next day, she entertained Logan so we could drag out all the Christmas decor.  Glad to have an extra hand with that!
So, with our little inchworm and our Christmas tree all se, we have marched right on into Advent and heading towards Christmas.  I can’t believe this year has gone so fast!
So far, Logan’s Christmas favorites are the light on the tree and his Nativity set.
IMG_2912 IMG_2858 IMG_2910 IMG_2850