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It’s Been a While


Wow, it has been a while.

So what if it’s March and I’m just now sifting through Christmas pictures.  It turns out, life is a little busy with an 9 month old.  Add to that our regular busy schedule, a sequence of family trips, family visits, dodging back and forth to Columbus, church work, and two, count ’em, two DMin’s in this family, and it turns out that we are nuts.  But pretty happy being nuts, so we’re good with that.

A little catch up:  Since Christmas we have loved every minute of seeing Logan get pretty fast with the crawling. And the exploring.  He loves to get into anything that looks interesting – a box os tissues, basket of socks, stack of Daddy’s books.  We have baby gates and are quick to run after our little explorer.



That one was taken at church in the nursery, where he prefers to hang with the big, bad two year olds, thank you very much.  He and his best buddy Quinn like to learn from the big kids.

Our 2013 has been busy so far. In addition to the regular rhythms of church life, we’ve kept the road hot to Columbus. Many visits there for good and bad reasons: visiting friends, visiting Brenda, Jake’s brother’s health scare, Brenda’s hospitalization.  We’re glad everybody seems to be on the mend for now.  We’ve also been busy with Erin in a DMin class in January (good stuff) and Jake completing his Doctorate of Ministry (He will hopefully be good to go for graduation in 2 weeks – Praise the Lord and pass the cornbread! Whoo-hoo!) He has worked very hard and we are SO proud of him.

In the midst of all of this, Robin came for a visit in February. She saved up her moment to visit until after Jake had completed some of his DMin work – knowing that takes up a good amount of our focus.  Turns out she timed it just right.  She arrived just in time to experience the mother of all stomach viruses that hit us all – Erin first, Jake, Robin, Logan, even Ashley.  It was a rockin’ good time (rocking in stomach pain in the corner) and made Erin’s birthday week one to remember.  We will have to do a repeat visit soon, because Mimi didn’t get a super happy visit.  But we did have a few fun moments at the park once we all recovered.





The adorable outfit here was made by Mimi, along with a ton of other cute embroidered outfits and onesies. Look out world, Mom has discovered applique and embroidery.



Another cute one of this outfit with the fire trucks.  Mimi made the little dog on here. So cute!

Another fun thing we’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks is Kindermusic.  Logan got a Kindermusic class for Christmas from his Aunt Ashley.  We go each week to spend time with 8 other ADORABLE babies. There is nothing quite as sweet as a bunch of babies playing a gigantic drum together.  We play, sing, do movements, play instruments (Logan is especially gifted at banging the drum and shaking the shakers).  I would have cute pictures from the class, but we are too busy making music to stop for pictures. Will try again soon. These are from the lobby at the music center, which all the babies think is just as fun.




We have a blast!

These pictures just about do me in, because he looks so big here. Like he is about to be riding a school bus.  He is a big guy, but for now, he’s still my little 9 month old.  I can’t believe I’m already planning his big first birthday party.  But we are trying to soak in every minute of our little man’s adventures. He loves:

  • playing with his fire truck
  • crawling after Annabelle
  • saying Mama-MA! (it’s one whole word) when he’s wants something
  • taking things out of a bucket and putting them back in. Anything in a bucket will do
  • playing drums
  • laughing at Daddy
  • laughing at the funniest word: Amen! It makes him crack up when we sing our dinner “blessing” (video to come)
  • rolling a ball
  • getting into everything