Growing so fast!


Our baby boy is growing so fast!



It’s hard to believe he is an 11 month old and will soon be celebrating the big first birthday.  But for now he is busy getting into anything he can reach.


He loves to go to church, styling in his little outfits.  (Yes, I will dress him in anything I deem cute, until he is old enough to grow an opinion). I just love these little seersucker pants and vest embroidered by Mimi.


He and his best buddy Quinn love to play in the nursery and roll balls in the grass.


Noting that, for once, we were the matchy-matchy family who coordinated all in blue-greens, I had to snap a picture (I was wearing a blue ensemble as well, but the photographer can’t be in everything).  Love these boys!!


This is how we really look on Sundays: all smiles in our sweat pants.  Actually, he looks this way most days when we wakes up. Huge grins for mommy! My sweet boy is alot like me . . . super grumpy when he’s tired, but wakes up happy and smiley.


He’s all about the motions these days.  Logan can clap his hands and do “So Big!” (above). When we sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” he claps his hands right on cue.



He loves to crawl into EVERYTHING! Not much interest in walking yet – he can get there much faster crawling.  Here, he is giving kisses to himself in the mirror. (Never mind the weird stake thingy there . . . parent of the year award is clearly in the bag because of our dilligence with keeping sharp objects out of reach – oops!)

His very favorite toys right now are puzzles, books (he sits and “reads” flipping through all the pages, and his firetruck.  He loves to roll it all over the living room. But his FAVORITE toy is  . . . Annabelle dog! Poor girl, he chases her around, “pets” her (smacks her over and again) and pulls her tail. We do try to teach him “Be sweet to puppy” but so far he smacks her and laughs.  Thank goodness she is as gentle as they come.


We love to visit Auntie in Atlanta sometimes. She is totally goofy and cracks him up!


Oh this boy! I cannot believe that this time last year we were wondering when he would come and how he would change our lives and now I cannot imagine life without this little smile. We love every second of life these days, even the hectic church schedules and the middle of the night wake-ups (getting some molars in – ouch!)

In the next couple of weeks, we have many celebrations.  Birthday parties of friends, graduation celebrations, Mother’s Day, Logan’s first birthday party, Grumpy’s 60th birthday, and a big one: Jake’s graduation! He will graduate with a Doctorate of Ministry next weekend. Hooray!

So much to be thankful for!


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