The Doc is in!


We celebrated Jake last weekend!



Jake graduate from McAfee School of Theology with a Doctorate of Ministry. It’s been a great experience for him over these last few years.

We went to his Commissioning Service Friday night. It’s a special worship service and ceremony for the Divinity grads and Doctoral students too.


Jake got his “hood” with the other three DMin grads.

Our friend Van who is a member at Heritage also graduated with his MDiv. The MDiv grads get a chalice and the Doctoral students get a special pitcher and towel.  They are really beautiful pieces of pottery.



What goofballs!

The next morning was Mercer’s graduation.  This trip took a little planning since there was not a babysitter at dark-thirty in the morning when we had to head to Atlanta.  So, Logan came along.  While Jake lined up to walk and graduate, Logan and I stayed in the stroller and had the best seat in the house: under a nice shade tree waving to all the grads.


He thought it was some kind of parade and waved to them all.  He gave them a little smile that morning.

Then, we made it through some of the graduation before this almost one year old decided he had had enough. We went inside McAfee building and and crawled over every inch. (Sorry about the tiny fingerprints on your office glass doors, Mrs. Libby and Mrs. Michelle – hope you didn’t notice) Then, we had to check out the grass and leaves.


This may have been the favorite part of Logan’s day.

Once we finally caught up with Daddy, we had napped and were all smiles.




This was a great moment for sure. We celebrated Jake’s hard work with lunch at Chuey’s (found out there’s one in ATL and Jake is THRILLED!)

I am so proud of my Jake. He certainly didn’t need this diploma for me to know he is an amazing pastor.


Along with being an amazing husband, fantastic father and wonderful friend to so many, Jake is just good at ministry. I could go on for days, but I want to take this moment to point out how much I admire him as a minister. He cares, deeply, about people and about the church. He means what he preaches. He takes seriously the calling of being a minister and that calling shapes so many of his smallest and largest decisions. He is a great preacher. He challenges us and speaks to where people are. I am amazed with the ease with which he moves from the little things pastors have to do (the nobody-teaches-you-this-in-seminary stuff) to the big life changing moments in which he sits in sacred spaces with people in their most vulnerable moments. In that space, he is truly an amazing minister. I am amazed at the grace he shows to people, even those who have been hurtful to him, he regards with compassion. I love to watch him work, to minister alongside him, to have him challenge me as well. Jake is one of my heroes in ministry and I am so proud of him.

Enough gushing . . .

There’s also this:


I mean, seriously. This guy.

We are so proud of Dr. Daddy!


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  1. I love the pictures of the happy family. If only you could get Logan to cheer up ;-). Seriously, you are such a precious family and I am so glad you came to our church. I couldn’t agree more about Jake being a great pastor but you must also know that you are his perfect helpmate and a minister all unto yourself. You have given me such encouraging words about my kids. You will probably never know what that has meant to me. And the way you and Jake were in our “darkest moments” when Daddy died was probably what got me through that. You two are more appreciated than you will ever know. Congratuations to all of you as it was a family effort!

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