Birthday Boy!



Happy 1st birthday to our little man!

This face says it all. He is the happiest of babies, loving life and a busy about the business of being a one year old. We celebrated the big first birthday over a whole weekend. All the family came to visit, and we invited friends and family to a party we held at the church fellowship hall (For space, and let’s be honest, the kid feels pretty comfortable there since he is a PK) His birthday party had a book theme . . . since his favorite word is “Book!” (He loves to “read” books of all kinds. And will repeat “book! Book!” pointing to his books when he is desperately trying to avoid naptime) So, we copied my dear friend Lauren and invited all our friends to share their favorite book with Logan, with a special note inside.

Our party theme was . . . The Very Hungry Caterpillar! ( a favorite we read every day)

I’ll be honest, I had alot of fun on Pinterest planning this little shin dig. But it was fun to do a party theme for my sweet boy. We had a huge caterpillar join the party.


The kiddos actually had fun scooting around with this caterpillar. I wanted to hang it, but then decided it was more fun to interact with.

My brother Bryan decorates cakes (among his many other talents – singing, acting, drawing, shoe design, baking. I mean, seriously) So, he said he wanted to decorate Logan’s cake as a gift.  Along with the custom shoes he designed for Logan.  I was thrilled!


He took a copy of the book and made it come alive in cake form. I was amazed!



And of course a smash cake just for Logan! Thanks, Uncle B!!

And of course a little decor to go with our Hungry Caterpillar theme.



Mom made these little caterpillars as favors, too! So cute!


Pics of our baby boy, from 1 to 11 months. Ah, sweet memories.


Logan is super spoiled by his Auntie Ash and his Aunt Penny here! Not to mention these two . . .



Fun friends playing together. Luke, Luke, Quinn and Logan had fun with the caterpillar and some cars and trucks.  Cousin Alannah was just about Logan’s favorite person.



Buddies!  Quinn will celebrate his big birthday pretty soon.


Dad shared his birthday with Logan.


Logan was more interested in the microphone than in folks singing Happy Birthday to him.


We did the cake thing, He did love the singing and the cake looked interesting to him, but he didn’t really smash it or know how to eat it.  He just kind of picked at it. Then I helped him taste a little bit.



His outfit for the day ended up being spread over a while weekend.  Mimi made this adorable cupcake outfit. And embroidered two onesies to wear on his actual birthday.  The hat was a special treat as well.


His Aunt Penny made sure he was decked out in the cutest blue smocked outfit, which was fancy enough for church the next day (this kid is like his Mama – he takes a whole weekend to celebrate a birthday)


Classic Logan face there. Love this sweet outfit.

So, we were blessed with lots and lots of gifts from friends and family. Logan got some wonderful books from friends, which he loves.  He got the coolest play space (with an actual ball pit! Can you believe it?) from Big Mama.  He has only crawled through it so far, because I’m afraid of taking out a bag of balls in our already chaotic-covered-with-toys house. But it’s so much fun!


After the party, the gathered family all went back to our house to visit and have dinner.  Logan got to play with his other wonderful birthday gifts.

A cozy coupe . . .



And a water table. My, it’s a shame this kid has nothing to play with.

Along with the book theme, Auntie Ash gave Logan two very special books. One, she intends to teach him religiously: Game Day at Bama!  Yes, it says “Roll Tide” throughout, and she is very proud of it. The other book was very special. She wrote and collected pictures and ordered a printing of a book called : A Very Good Dog, Indeed.    Yes, it’s a children’s book about our bulldog Harley. Melted our hearts!

A wonderful 1st birthday!



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