More birthday fun!


Logan is lucky enough to be able to share a May birthday with Dad, his “Grumpy.”  I think these two have a lot of cake-sharing good times ahead.


On Sunday after his party, we got out and about for a little bit.  We ended up at the mall where friends had told me there was a play area with good space for even the littlest guys. it is a neat play area, but on a rainy Sunday, there were a million kids there. And I had to resist the urge to go “teacher voice” on some of those crazy big kids who apparently had been given espresso and told to run wild – around my baby. Anyway, we’re learning how to navigate the jungle of play areas. But we had fun anyway, because Grumpy got a fun birthday present.


Dad got to take Logan on his first train ride. He was SO excited!


A boy and his grandfather.  They took a quick spin on the train, with goldfish in tow of course. Mimi, and the rest of the crew had a great time watching Logan try to hang with the big kids in the play area.  Once he figures out the walking thing, I feel sure he will own that play area.

We are so blessed with family who adores our little man.  It’s a blessing to have these moments with grandparents.




Snuggles and love!


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