Sunshine Days


We have been soaking up the sun with so many smiles in these May days.



Walks in the neighborhood and in the park are super fun.



And, of course, with the start of summer we had to let the boy try his first watermelon. He was iffy about it at first, but was soon loving it.



Oh, how I love summer. Watermelon, sunshine fun and the days just seem to be longer. I have so many memories of summer days with my grandparents, and as we walked tonight I made Jake and Logan listen to my stories of “nature walks” with my Grandma – collecting twigs and moss and flowers. (That is, in fact, the extent of my love of nature. Not so much a camping kind of gal – I love the sound of a flushing toilet. Really, my idea of nature is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, but still) Sweet memories of her knowing the name of every tree and flower. And I can’t wait to introduce Logan to the pool in a few days, with memories of how my Nana and Tom had us in the pool every single summer day.

The boy is also obsessed with his favorite toy: Annabelle dog.





And a little play with blocks, too.

Bathtime fun ends our wonderful days . . . this boy is all smiles. (Despite my ridiculous lack of make-up here, I love this picture. Says it like it is: joy)



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