Thank you, God!


So, I have about a million pictures of summer fun I want to upload and share. But, first, tonight I want to share our dinner moment.

I learned this afternoon that my friend, Gwen Brown, passed away today. She was an amazing lady who I appreciated in so many ways.  I knew her through Baptist Women in Ministry, and she was a Baptist pastor.  A great one. I always admired her style, gracious ways and her kindness to me. She was a class act.

So, at our dinner table, we have tried to practice little rituals as we make family moments with Logan. We sing our blessing at meals (the “Super Man” prayer song, thank you very much). And over the past week or so we have added a new little something. We light a candle, a way to mark dinner together as a stop-everything-and-sit-for-a-minute-and-shut-up-and-be-thankful-even-though-your-day-has-been-crazy moment. And, it fascinates Logan and makes him chill out while we cut his chicken. It’s not a silver candelabra, mind you. It’s a vanilla candle, sitting on a silly pink plate. But I like it.  Sometimes, as we sing the blessing song, complete with motions, Logan dies laughing, and sometimes we insert a family member’s name instead of food (“Thank you GOD, for giving us Big Mama!”)

Tonight, we spread our little dinner, lit our little candle and sang “Thank you God, for giving us Gwen! For the friends we love and the lives they lead, thank you God. Amen!” Yep, Logan clapped his little hands and I cried. But I like to think this made God and Gwen smile.

photo 4

Thank you, God, for giving us Gwen.



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