Pumpkin Patch


It’s finally Fall!

photo 1

In the midst of prepping for our move to Macon, we carved out a little family time. We celebrated Ashley’s birthday Friday night and she spent the night with us when I insisted she come to Yahoo Pumpkin Farm with us.

photo 1

I really like this farm because it’s smaller and space for little ones to run around, not really as crowded. We went last year with MOMS group friends and I was so excited about taking my big toddler this year. Maybe a little over excited, says Ashley’s story? Nope. Just right.

Logan was amazed by the pumpkins.

photo 4

photo 3

They really have a great variety. I loved the white pumpkins and the Cinderella pumpkins.

photo 1

And we had to do the silly pictures.

photo 3

photo 2

We are learning our “farm animals” sounds and so the petting zoo heard a good bit of “oink! oink!” and “Moo!” from Halls. They had actual animals, too, so we saw the ducks, turkey, goats and pony.



photo 4


photo 3

And we found a slide of course. Exactly like the one at home.

photo 2

Such a fun day!!


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  1. Super excited for y’all’s new opportunity, but fully understand the mixed emotions! Praying for y’all by name during these big changes!
    Love the pumpkin patch pics and Logan is adorable, as always! What a blessing he is! Looking forward to taking my kids to the pumpkin patch next week. Keep your excitement and Logan will still want to go when he is 10!!! Fun family tradition!!!

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