Macon days


We had a blast having Mimi visit us. She helped entertain Logan while I tried to decide what to unpack, what to leave boxed up and send to the basement!

photo 3

Logan is loving playing outside, and there is a big backyard here to play in.

photo 1

We also have adventures in feeding ourself. Oh my. We tend to use the yogurt as a hair conditioner rather than food, but in the end something ends up in the stomach. We got to show Mimi around Highland Hills.

photo 2

We are so blessed to have found a wonderful church here. I’ve had my Heritage folks on my heart a lot lately. Just when I was really missing my Heritage church family yesterday, we had the delight of our first Wednesday at Highland Hills. Their fellowship meal was delightful. We were ushered in by a sea of friendly faces, and Jake got Logan seated at a random table. We wondered at first why no one was sitting with us, until a sweet lady said, “You do know where you’re sitting, right?” We did not. She informed us that we were about to be overtaken by a gaggle of girls – we were sitting at the GA’s regular table. They didn’t mind and we didn’t mind (I feel like we got the cool table). So, in moments about eight 4th, 5th and 6th grade girls descended upon us and Logan was enthralled and in love! They giggled and talked and told us a thousand things. Love it! Then, at the start of the Wednesday night program, they had a young man play the piano. Beautiful! And then there was a town hall meeting for the church, where we got to hear the voices of several folks share thoughts about the church. This Sunday is “Children’s Sunday” at church, and I could not be more excited about that. I have always wanted to see that in action. Yes, last night was a delightful reminder that we have found a wonderful place here.

We also ventured out with Mimi to find the Children’s museum here.

photo 2

It was fun for Logan, as they have a nice toddler area. They are renovating, which will make it even better if we venture there again. But for Logan, they had bubbles and blocks, so what more could you really want?

photo 1




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