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Fun visits and the Turkey Day that was turkey-free


Thanksgiving brought a fun class party at Logan’s Mom’s morning out program. But this sweet sobbing face was as good a picture as I could get. He was over it and had no use for a thanksgiving feast when he was ready for nap.

photo 1

Big Mama came to visit before Thanksgiving and we had so much fun.

photo 3

Logan loved playing at the park and showing Big Mama all around our new town.

photo 4

photo 5

This is pretty much how the days went: Logan having an audience of people saying “Awww!” to his every move. Oh, well. We enjoyed spoiling him. We enjoyed playing with an early Christmas gift from Big Mama – a set of block bricks. We had a fun day at church . . .

photo 2

And then . . . the croup hit. Poor baby was super sick. We cancelled our Thanksgiving trip with the family to Gatlinburg because of the snow there and then planned a low key Turkey day at home when we realized how sick our baby boy felt. Brenda left us to go home Wednesday and then Ashley ended up coming for a visit, so she could cook for us and see her “Moosh.”

photo 4

We had a good time together, even if it wasn’t turkey and dressing but a roast in the crock pot. Who cares? We have full and thankful hearts anyway.

After Thanksgiving had come and gone, we enjoyed a couple of days of rest and getting our boy feeling better. We were ready for the first Sunday of Advent. I am excited about all the Advent and Christmas happenings this year.

Mom absolutely MADE my Christmas by sending me this homemade Advent calendar quilt. Each pocket is embroidered and holds an embroidered ornament that buttons on the tree. It took her endless hours of making this. It will be a treasure for years to come and I can’t wait to make it part of our family tradition.

photo 2


The first couple of  ‘ornaments’ even have the grandparents’ picture on fabric.

photo 3


So, so special. Let the season of celebration begin!