Erin is a teacher, writer, minister, wife, sister, friend, daughter, and mom. Jake is a pastor, teacher, student, husband, brother, son, and father. We’ve been married 12 years and are ridiculously happy and love our crazy life. This is our story . . .


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  1. Erin: Just read your blog for the first time today (starting with your pregnancy). I always thought you guys were funny, cool, spiritual, amazing and wonderful, but now this is confirmed! Oh, and crazy. Blessings on both of you and your son. You’ve been in my thoughts often. Kathy McKissick

  2. Jake and Erin…Love this blog! I feel like I know Logan so much better now. It makes me want to have another baby…. but that time has passed. I know it is STILL surreal to me that I have two beautiful and healthy girls myself! I’m so glad you are treasuring every moment. I feel like I was rushed through some of their babyhood…. having to work and losing my beloved dad and I’ve finally gotten to a place where I can enjoy every moment. He is such a blessed baby to have both of you for parents. I’m so happy he was sent from Heaven just for you.
    Jane Nunnally

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